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Welcome to our Hospitality line of mattresses. Below you will find links to our current lineup of products in PDF format. If you have any further questions regarding our Hospitality products, please contact us immediately!

Our Complete Selection of Quality Bedding Programs for the Camp / Hospitality Industry Includes:

Silver Spring Sierra Collection

  • Offers State-of-the-Art traditional mattress constructions to provide maximum protection, safety and comfort and to minimize risk of infection in today's hospitality housing environments.

Silver Spring Sierra Cirrus

Product Overview: Silver Spring Sierra Cirrus

Silver Spring Sierra Stratus

Product Overview: Silver Spring Sierra Stratus

Silver Spring Sierra Cumulus

Product Overview: Silver Spring Sierra Cumulus

Special services: Sustainability/Mattress Recycling

  • Our Mattress Recycling program provides an attractive value added, ecologically-centered service;
  • Back end service is designed to provide additional rebate incentives to the University for recycling its used mattresses. 

Other products available

  • Box springs; Bed Frames; Headboards; Protective mattress covers (cloth or vinyl); Pillows, etc. 
  • Single stack dorm beds; double stack bunk beds; cots; folding beds; rollaways

All Hotel Sets are flame retardant and are in full compliance with the flammability requirements set forth under CPSC 16 CFR Part 1633

To inquire about purchasing Made Rite mattresses used at hotels or motels please call contract sales at (800) 365-7483.

Our Clients Say...
"Our association with Made Rite Bedding has always been first-class. Conscientious service is their hallmark. They are willing and able to work with us to get the job done and deliver it in a timely manner! Such a relationship is rare in this impersonal corporate environment."

Karen Vaid - Kelly Designs

"We set a high standard here at the Carleton, and Made Rite meets these standards. Thank you for the service and quality products you have been providing us all these years. I look forward to working with Made Rite for many years to come."

Robert Biegler - GM of The Carleton of Oak Park