What is not covered by the Warranty

  • Body impressions that are not consistently greater than 1½".  Body imprints or indentations in the mattress do not indicate a structural weakness or breakdown of the coil unit. Rather, imprints are a normal occurrence of the mattress, and are an indication that the uphosltery layers are conforming to ones body contours.
  • Fabric stains, burn marks, or soiling
  • Damage to fabrics caused by improper cleaning or excessive use of chemical cleaning agents
  • Any product found to be in unsanitary condition
  • Damage determined to be from excessive abuse of the mattress through accident or neglect, including storage on the side or end instead of flat
  • Damage to mattress fabric including indentation marks, slits & cuts caused by bed springs used in conjunction with the mattress
  • Squeaks or noises  most often originate from the bed frame, headboard, or footboard.  Remove the mattress and foundation from the bed frame. Check the frame by pushing down in several locations to locate the noise. If the noise cannot be located, replace the foundation on the frame and repeat test. Finally, place the mattress and repeat the test.